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Przybyszewskiego 68


The Małe Błonia estate is located at ul. Przybyszewskiego 68 street. It is a complex of three intimate residential buildings, immersed in the surrounding greenery. Apartments in the Małe Błonia complex have an area of from 35 m2 to 96 m2. On the top floor there are four duplex apartments with an area of ​​approx. from 83 m2 to 105 m2, with a green roof terrace and a unique view, among others to the Kościuszko Mound. There is a two-level underground garage with parking spaces and storage rooms under the buildings. The estate is fenced and monitored. A porter watches over the safety of the residents around the clock. Małe Błonia was awarded in 2016 with the 1st Golden Falcon Award for the successful construction of an intimate residential complex with an interesting urban plan in the form of a small urban quarter and on a good urban scale, meeting contemporary trends in designing residential complexes. The refinement of details on an urban scale was also appreciated, expressed in care for the surroundings, through the implementation of elements of small garden architecture and the use of high-quality building materials.


Firma Bryksy została wyróżniona Specjalną Nagrodą Złotego Sokoła 2022. Nagrodę Złotego Sokoła otrzymujemy nieprzerwanie od 2016 roku.

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Nagroda Specjalna Złotego Sokoła 2022