The title of Krakow Developer of the Year 2020-2021 for Bryksy

We are pleased to announce that the Bryksy company has once again been awarded the title of Krakow Developer of the Year and the 1st Golden Falcon award in this year's 9th edition of the competition organized by the Association of House and Apartment Builders!

The most important goal of the Competition is to evaluate entities implementing housing investments in Krakow and neighboring municipalities that were put into operation in 2018 and 2019. The verdict of the Competition was announced during the Awards Gala at the Manggha Museum of Japanese Art and Technology on September 11, 2020. The companies were assessed by the Competition Jury chaired by prof. Andrzej Wyżykowski.

The investment that has been appreciated this year by the Competition Committee is Lipska 4-6-8.

We received the award for:

- dynamic development of a family development company and its philosophy inscribed in the slogan "Well designed future"

- making a decision to build a residential and office complex in a difficult location, on the main exit road from the city, creating a new city tissue in its peripheral areas

- maximum use of the advantages of the location, with particular emphasis on access to recreational areas adjacent to the Bagry reservoir and good access to public transport

- creating friendly living conditions for residents by introducing numerous services located on the lower floors of buildings and by introducing attractive, indoor recreational greenery and location of an apiary on the green terraces of the office building

- visually attractive architecture of buildings, in line with contemporary stylistic trends (large glazing, balcony loggias)

- an exceptionally interesting way of presenting the designed team using a film from a drone


Firma Bryksy została wyróżniona Specjalną Nagrodą Złotego Sokoła 2022. Nagrodę Złotego Sokoła otrzymujemy nieprzerwanie od 2016 roku.

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