Krakowska street


40 m2 – 97 m2


96 m2 – 170 m2

Commercial premises

4 quarter 2022

End of construction

About investment

We live here!

KrakoVska will consist of two residential buildings: 17 and 13 floors with commercial premises on the ground floor and one office building. A simple block will be a distinctive element against the background of the Rzeszów landscape and will become a complementary part of the city, it will invite everyone with its accessibility. "

Advantages of the investment

  • Storage rooms

  • Monitoring

  • Modern architecture

  • Electric car charging stations

  • Lifts

  • Trolley / Bicycle room

  • Functional Layout

  • Public transport

  • Parking

  • Playground

  • Bicycle path

  • Bicycle stands

Virtual walk around the apartment

Modernity, functionality and ECO

The investment at Krakowska Street has all the advantages that an apartment in a dynamically functioning city should have. It is close from here to shops, schools, green areas, to public transport stops, which will take us to the center in a few minutes. That's not all, the entrance road to the city and a bicycle path run right next to the investment. In the area of ​​KrakoVska itself, there will be pedestrian routes winding among the greenery.


KrakoVska will be equipped with a large number of bicycle stands (both in the underground garage and outside). In addition, cyclists will have at their disposal a closed bicycle shelter with a bicycle service station and a bicycle wash. There will be a charging station for electric cars in the parking lot. "

KrakoVska - live your way!

The courtyard was planned entirely with the residents in mind. The architecture of light, the play of shadows, benches where you can sit and talk, and greenery, among which there will be pedestrian routes. This greenery is often in the form of hills covered with lush grasses and perennials. Flowering trees have also been integrated into the courtyards. Between the buildings there is a recreation and relaxation area with a playground, where we can find, among others the original Spacenet, the world's bestseller - a spatial network designed by Conrad Roland, encouraging climbing and spending time outdoors.


The entire investment area will be open - we do not fence or close ourselves to people. Openness to others and the city is in line with the current global trends. KrakoVska is our common cause, our neighbor is a friend and companion here. This does not mean that we give up on high security standards. The outside area and garage will be monitored.


Firma Bryksy została wyróżniona Specjalną Nagrodą Złotego Sokoła 2022. Nagrodę Złotego Sokoła otrzymujemy nieprzerwanie od 2016 roku.

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Nagroda Specjalna Złotego Sokoła 2022