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Sobieski Residence fits into the elegant atmosphere of the historic center of old town in Krakow. It is an intimate complex of three buildings, which with their form and detail harmonize with the character of the historic surroundings. The interior atmosphere of the residence is created by a beautiful courtyard with alternating green belts. 86 apartments have been built here, including spacious penthouses on the top floor with large terraces. On the ground floor of one of the buildings there is a commercial space with an area of over 200 square meters. For the convenience of the residents, a multi-car garage was also built.


Firma Bryksy została wyróżniona Specjalną Nagrodą Złotego Sokoła 2022. Nagrodę Złotego Sokoła otrzymujemy nieprzerwanie od 2016 roku.

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Nagroda Specjalna Złotego Sokoła 2022