Saska street

Podgórze, Cracow

33 m2 – 96 m2


44 m2 – 100 m2

Commercial premises

September 2023 r.

End of construction

About investment

Living on the wave - stage III

In the neighborhood of the Bagry Lagoon, we have created a safe and comfortable haven for all those who value a wide life horizon. The SASKA BLU complex, located at the intersection of Saska and Lipska streets, will consist of several buildings implemented in stages.
Take a course to Saska Street and take advantage of the attractions that the area has to offer!
In the third stage of the SASKA BLU investment, a 5-floor, two-segment building will be built.

173 flats have been designed with functional and various sizes ranging from 32 m2 to 95 m2 with balconies or private gardens. Commercial premises will be located on the ground floor of the building. Bearing in mind the comfort of motorists, an underground garage with parking spaces, bicycle rooms and cells was designed in the building.

Advantages of the investment

  • Closeness to nature

  • The district is rediscovered

  • Storage rooms

  • Perfect Location

  • Functional Layout

  • Public transport

  • Commercial Premises

  • Parking

  • Full Spectrum of measurement

  • Playground

  • Bicycle path

  • Bicycle stands

Pure recreation!

The SASKA BLU complex, consisting of several buildings implemented in stages, will be complemented by separate areas for recreation, fun and relaxation. An interesting and dynamic element of the area arrangement will be an original obstacle course made of wooden elements, a "dry river" made of decorative stones and a wooden platform with benches that will stimulate children's imagination.

Around the buildings, specially selected, rich green compositional elements with subdued colors will be created. The shape and appearance of the entire project will refer to the movement of water and the climate of the nearby Bagry Lagoon. The concept will be complemented by an unusual decorative element in the form of a real sailboat, designed to emphasize the unique nature of SASKA BLU.

Get wind of your sails

By car, tram or maybe by bike?

The excellent location of the investment at one of the main communication nodes in Krakow - the intersection of Saska and Lipska streets, will allow for quick access to both nearby business centers and key places on the city map.

SASKA BLU will also provide a moment of rest from the hustle and bustle of the city thanks to trips to the nearby Bagry Lagoon, located 5 minutes from the investment.

There are many attractions for future residents, such as a safe beach with a lifeguard, sailing club and popular SUPs, kayaks and pedal boats.

From here it is simply close to everywhere!


Firma Bryksy została wyróżniona Specjalną Nagrodą Złotego Sokoła 2022. Nagrodę Złotego Sokoła otrzymujemy nieprzerwanie od 2016 roku.

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